Choosing a solar company who specializes in roofing expertise is incredibly important. A great solar company will know that evaluating a roof before installation is crucial. Not all roofs are created equally and therefore determining what kind of roof the installation will be on will aid on figuring out if the roofing is in good condition. If the roof is in fact in good condition for installation, then the process of putting in the solar panels can start right away. If the quality of the roof is insufficient, the solar company may recommend rebuilding the roof.

There are three kinds of popular roofing styles, the asphalt shingle, the tile roof, or the low slope roof. All three have their pros and cons but only a roofing expert will be able to thoroughly examine the condition of the roof and what steps should be taken before installing the panels. Some roofing methods are simply not suitable for solar panels, while others may be too aged or not initially installed well. It is also recommended that the roof quality be suitable for the life of, or exceeding, that of the solar panels. There are many other components in determining if a roof is suitable such as the size, pitch, or orientation of the roof, possible obstructions, and other factors. A roofing expert will be able to go through each affecting part and recommend the best for your commercial or residential property.

A common worry is that the installation of the solar panels will cause major damage to the roofing. This fact is, it can, but only if a poor solar company and no roofing experts were involved in the process. Unique Solar knows that a roofing evaluation is important before starting the process in order to do the least amount of damage possible. The installation of solar panels does often come with the need for roof repair or replacement as well. Therefore a solar company with no roofing expertise will only damage your current structure and often leave you with a lot of costs in damage. There is no worry about this with Unique Solar.

An important aspect to note is that many commercial roof installations carry factory warranties and require certifications. Unique Solar is aware of this and therefore carry these certificates and their work on your roofing will not terminate the existing roof warranty.

Unique Solar will provide their leak-free guarantee for the life of the roof if your roofing structure is found to be sufficient. This means that if anything related goes wrong, Unique Solar will take care of it. If the roofing of a property is not sufficient for solar installation, Unique Solar will help you with the installation of a new roof appropriate for the installation of solar panels at very competitive prices, for both residential or commercial properties. Unique Solar is confident in their work and expertise that they provide a lifetime warranty.

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