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benefits of home batteries

    When the grid goes down the battery will ensure that you have power during an outage.
    Free power supply when energy companies increase their prices during the later part of the day.
    Only a battery backed solar system allows total autonomy from the energy grid.
    Should utility companies eliminate back-feeding, a battery can maximize self consumption.

    Home battery design is a very individual system that needs to be customized and tailored towards your needs. We prioritize critical electrical loads and determine how long you can run them during a blackout. We also analyze you electric load profiles by utilizing electrical interval data from your utilities. This will help us determine the right battery design for peak shaving.

  • Battery Storage Rebates And Incentives

    The federal income tax credit (FIT) is also valid for a battery system, as long as there is a related solar installation. The state of California currently offers significant state rebates. These rebates can accumulate to about 50% of the total cost of a battery system.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "I had a great experience with Unique Solar. We did a major house remodel this summer and took our time, but Ulf and Jeff were patient with me and walked me through every step, including the tax credit portion, which is a big reason why I made the decision to include solar during the remodeling process. Once I said, "Let's do this", Ulf jumped on the permitting process, and my solar system was installed pronto. Also, I got bids from four other solar companies and Unique, by far, was the best deal. That was very important to me as well since the house remodel was costly."
    Mike Yorkey
    Mike Yorkey, San Diego
  • "We are so very pleased that we chose Unique Solar. From start to finish working with Unique Solar was stress free and professional. Ulf patiently educated us, and recommended just what we needed, and did not try to over sell. The crew was super efficient and courteous. We highly recommend that you use Unique Solar... you will not be disappointed"
    Linda Brown
    Linda Brown, La Jolla
  • "Awesome company to do business with! I recently put in a pool and my power bill was going up a lot. I was referred to Unique Solar from a good friend that had just used them for his house. I met with Jeff and Ulf on multiple occasions. These guys are very knowledgeable and give you straight answers on everything. Jeff comes to you house and the first thing you feel is his honesty an integrity. Ulf has a roofing background and knows solar inside and out. This was a no pressure relaxed purchase for me. We've all had solar guys hunt you down at Home Depot or knocking at your door seaming like used car salesmen. Not these guys. Simply a great experience. FYI, we put in about 24 Samsung 305 panels. This system is kicking butt. It's producing much more than anticipated! I am happy to refer Unique Solar to anyone in looking to go solar."
    Kenny Kistler
    Kenny Kistler, Temecula
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